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1826 - Millstream Tower


A new 22-storey residential development near to Tottenham Hale station, positioned over the LUL Victoria line tunnels and a Thames Water trunk sewer.

Key Features:

  • Retail at ground floor level with 21-storeys of predominantly affordable apartments

  • HTS initially carried out study for Kier into options to cantilever over tunnels

  • Proposed arrangement includes a stiff piled raft supporting the cantilevering walls up to 10-storeys high, focusing the main load path into the piles, with the remainder of raft bears onto gravels over the tunnels

  • HTS worked closely with geotechnical consultants CGL to obtain the necessary approvals from LUL, and to ensure the ground movement and settlements are within tolerable limits

  • BIM level 2

Client: Newlon Housing TrustArchitect: TP Bennett

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Jack Carroll
Tom Watson