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1295 - The Gramophone Works

Kensington and Chelsea


Alongside Studio RHE, Heyne Tillett Steel refurbished the original Old Gramophone Works. The site lies adjacent to the Grand Union canal and was previously in use as a paint and gramophone factory, and a recording studio. The project champions the use of engineered timber to sustainably refurbish the existing building.

Key features:

  • A new lightweight glass and timber structure is built over and around an existing two-storey RC frame.
  • Lightweight timber frame allows existing foundations to support four additional storeys without strengthening.
  • The existing frame was intended to be undergo further expansion. A new timber-framed extension fulfils the capacity of the structure and maximise office space.
  • A steel transfer deck sits above the existing roof slab with a new glulam frame and CLT floors spanning between secondary beams.
  • New cores are threaded through the building which provide stability, on the timber levels these are constructed in CLT and RC to the lower levels on new pile caps above basement level.

Photography: © Guy Archard, Ben Clarkson and Dirk Lindner


Client: Resolution PropertyArchitect: Studio RHE

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Andrew Roberts
Andy Heyne