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1206 - Featherstone Building


The project is a new-build, 10-storey commercial development near Old Street station with Morris + Company Architects. 

Key Features

  • RC framed building with exposed concrete walls, columns and flat slabs, requiring careful detailing to meet architectural requirements.
  • Slabs designed to incorporate cast in cooling pipes to make use of the thermal mass of the building.
  • Piled substructure, with a single storey basement under the whole site. Contiguous piled walls installed at ground level and set in board of existing basement walls, to increase basement depth.
  • Northern line and Network Rail tunnels located a short distance from the site and requiring cantilever pile caps to set back the piles and minimise the impact on the tunnels.

Client: Derwent LondonArchitect: Morris + Co

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Tom Steel
Robert Mills