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2184 - Walworth Town Hall



The refurbishment of a Grade II listed former town hall, library and museum in Southwark. The site comprises several 19th & 20th century public buildings,
the earliest dating back to 1865, up to three storeys above ground with single storey basements.

Key Features


  • A building fire in 2013 caused significant damage to one corner of the site, which means temporary roofs and other stabilising measures are
  • present. Since then the building has been unoccupied and remains in some disrepair.
  • Extensive suite of investigations carried out to establish structural form and condition across buildings of various ages and types.
  • Designs for extending/ infilling the site in various places including reinstating the former council chambers, viewing gallery below a clear spanning exposed timber trussed roof.
  • Works associated with rationalising the internal configuration of the buildings to provide practical & accessible means of circulation.



Client: General Projects / Southwark Council Architect: Feix and Merlin

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Andy Heyne
Jonathan Flint