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1440 - Tregunter Street

Kensington and Chelsea

The project involves the complete refurbishment of a 1860’s five storey semi-detached house comprising single occupancy residential space and a rear garden.

Key Features:

  • Demolition of the internal structure within the façade with retention of all of the perimeter walls and main roof.
  • Construction of a new double storey RC basement under the footprint of the existing building and part of the rear and front gardens involving a typical top-down form of construction.
  • Erection of a new internal steel frame above lower ground floor level with new metaldeck floors, all fully tied to the perimeter walls.
  • Reconstruction of the side roof while maintaining the main roof in place.
  • The extremely variable ground conditions across the site and the shallow ground water level required a careful design of the substructure to limit the effects of the deep basement construction on adjoining buildings and infrastructure.

Client: PrivateArchitect: Quinn Architects

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Mark Tillett
Giorgio Cardone