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1222 - The Print Hall, Bristol


Print Hall comprises three distinct buildings, the highest of which is a ten-storey tower block which steps back as it ascends. Previously in use as a print hall for a local newspaper, the 90,000 sq ft building is now in use as student accommodation for Bristol University.

Key features

  • The bottom storeys are RC framed, with eight storeys of cold-formed lightweight steel framing built from a transfer slab at level three
  • A grid of 800mm thick RC transfer beams at 1st floor allow a change of column grid between the residential and communal levels
  • In-depth analysis of the floor slabs was undertaken to ensure an appropriate column layout, negating the need for downstand beams in the upper levels
  • Built within the existing basement footprint of a historical newspaper print works, the existing slab and retaining walls were justified and re-used
  • Holes were cored through the existing slab and 2m thick RC press beds in order to install new piles
  • A new podium slab over the existing basement provides a pedestrian link through the site and is designed for fire tender access

Client: Alaska Development ConsultantsArchitect: Russ Drage Architects

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Tom Watson
Sean Parkinson