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1483 - Shoreditch Village Phase II


A new build office and retail development in a constrained and awkwardly shaped site in Shoreditch.

Key Features:

  • Site has considerable archaeology including the remains of a medieval friary and church. Basement geometry and ground works designed to minimise the disruption to the archaeology and meet the requirements of Historic England. 
  • Basement and superstructure strategy agreed with network rail set at 1.5m from adjacent viaduct. 
  • Large diameter truck sewer approximately 5m below ground level crosses the site. Foundations designed to bridge over the sewer with piles either side. 
  • Exposed steel frame exoskeleton forming facades. Steelwork designed minimise cold bridging and to allow for thermal differential moments of the frame. 
  • The majority of the steelwork internally and externally is exposed and provides the architecture. As a result the size, geometry and connection detailing has been carefully designed along side the architect. 

Client: Brockton CapitalArchitect: AHMM

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Tom Steel
Carmel Lennon
Jonathan Macdonald