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1120 - Seventy Wilson


The refurbishment and extension of an existing 1980’s office building in Shoreditch, London.

Key Features 

  • Additional 2 storeys of office space built. Existing frame was justified to carry the load with no strengthening required to any of the structure.
  • New 3-storey side extension spanning over a constrained access way.  
  • Structure supported from 4 new small diameter piles to limit ground works and disruption.
  • Main core retained with additional lift second core removed.
  • Design limited structural work associated with core work so all existing stability systems were left in place.
  • Existing and new steelwork exposed, careful design and detailing needed to meet the architectural requirements.

Client: Stanhope PLC / Low Carbon WorkplaceArchitect: Astudio

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Tom Steel
Jonathan Macdonald