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1983 - Pegasus, Mayfair

City of Westminster

Redevelopment of the Listed Nuffield House and Pegasus House including demolition behind the retained façade of Nuffield House and construction of a new-build office comprising a double basement and eight above-ground storeys in post-tensioned concrete construction.

Key Features

  • New-build office building which consolidates two existing buildings while adding a second basement and a new PT superstructure. The existing 1930s façade which fronts onto Piccadilly is to be retained, necessitating a slim floor construction to coordinate with the existing windows.
  • HTS has designed the temporary works including the façade retention system. By utilising the strength of the existing façade and combining the retention system with the scaffold we managed to remove all 19 piles and reduce the steel tonnage by 1/3, resulting in a saving of 100 tonnes of steel.
  • The building is located on a constrained site and surrounded by Grade 1 and Grade 2* Listed buildings so the logistical approach is a key challenge. The structure is being specified to simplify construction at these key interfaces.
  • The Piccadilly line tunnels run close to the basement and HTS is leading the negotiations with LUL.
  • The residential space at the upper levels will be constructed from modular CLT.

Client: AvivaArchitect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

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James Morgan