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1339 - New Era Estate



The scheme will provide 199 new homes surrounded by a shared courtyard with affordable housing for the existing New Era community.

Key features

  • Demolition of the existing residential blocks and construction of new-build RC frame buildings of up to 14 storeys situated over the proposed route for Crossrail 2 to Hackney Central
  • The structure is RC framed with long-span flat slabs carefully designed to achieve optimum column layout at each level whilst at the same time minimising the requirements of transfer elements over the ground floor communal areas and retail units
  • Proposed foundation arrangement includes stiff piled raft bridging or cantilevering over the proposed Crossrail tunnels. HTS has worked closely with geotechnical consultants to obtain the necessary approvals from Crossrail 2 and to ensure the ground movement and settlements are within tolerable limits
  • SuDS strategies will enhance the landscaping proposals and improve water usage efficiency. The proposals include a combination of rain gardens, blue green roofs and permeable paving


Client: Dolphin LivingArchitect: Allies and Morrison

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Andy Curry
Mark Tillett
Carmel Lennon
Giorgio Cardone