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1135 - Hill House


Refurbishment and extension of existing 1960’s 14-storey RC frame office in Archway, re-clad and converted to residential usage. 

Key Features

  • Tower extended up by two storeys, and the plinth outwards with new cantilever balconies, without any foundation or column strengthening. 
  • Pioneering approach developed to justify lateral stability over increased height; a UK-first, using high-strength carbon fibres bonded to existing shear walls.
  • Change of use to residential via permitted development rights.
  • Historic structural drawings were lost, so HTS commissioned sufficient surveys to back-calculate the capacity of existing structure and confirm the viability of proposals.
  • New ‘blue-roof’ attenuates rainwater flows without the need for a large buried tank.

Client: EventInv LtdArchitect: Hawkins Brown

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Andy Heyne