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2387 - Greenhill Works


Greenhill Works will be a key catalyst in the wider regeneration of Watford Business Park, reinforcing its status as a strategic industrial area and supporting the growth of emerging and established industries in the region.

The proposals will deliver approximately 7,100m2 of commercial space, split across larger warehouse buildings and smaller, pavilion style structures. The structures will be built off site using a low-carbon glulam timber frame. The modular design system will allow the structures to be truly flexible and can be adapted to accommodate phasing requirements and additional office or retail units in the future.

Key Features

  • HTS worked closely with the landscape architect to provide amenity spaces and to ensure the surface water drainage is designed to support the wider proposals.
  • Incorporated various SuDS features including permeable paving, swales, raingardens, ponds, permeable paving and below ground attenuation.
  • A sensitive, shallow aquifer in the chalk bedrock and up to three metres of contaminated, weak silts and made ground make the ground conditions for this site next to impossible for meaningful structural support. HTS lateral thinking led to the proposal to use ‘soil mixing’ ground improvement techniques which in one fell swoop help improve the structural performance of the ground, lock in contamination and protect the chalk aquifer.
  • The proposed include two repeated modular forms which are of similar construction, layout and material finish, whilst still allowing for some individuality.
  • During the design process, HTS explored a series of different structural options. Two different approaches were tested; a portal and braced frame solution. It was determined that a braced framed solution would enable greater flexibility for the structure and building layout.

Client: Watford Borough Council Architect: Studio Egret West

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Andy Heyne
Gustaf Granstrom-Steer