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0277 - Coworth Spa


Multi award-winning two-storey, timber-framed spa buried within landscape of this new estate hotel for The Dorchester Group.

Key Features

  • Glu-laminated timber framed superstructure, with CLT (cross-laminated timber) roof panels 
  • Composite LVL (laminated veneered lumber) monocoque transfer structure over the luxury underground pool, reduced the structural / excavation depth by 0.5m
  • From inception, project designed, procured and constructed within eight months, of which the timber frame was completed in less than six weeks
  • A new remote energy centre, including biomass boiler fuelled by willow harvested on the estate, and the largest horizontal ground source cooling system in Europe
  • Structure partially buried to minimise impact within greenbelt
  • The world’s first spa built using carbon-negative lime hemp walling

Client: The Dorchester CollectionArchitect: Purcell Architects

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Andy Heyne