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1324 - Cambridge Road, Barking

Barking and Dagenham

360 Barking, two residential towers, comprising 195 private apartments across four circular towers ranging from 10 to 28 storeys.

Key Features 

  • Adjacent to Barking Underground Station, Network Rail commuter rail lines and High Speed One Tunnel. 
  • 200mm thick post tensioned floor slabs. Efficient structural slab design has allowed reductions to the foundation requirements, reducing material cost and adding programme benefits. 
  • Precast column and stair elements, which allows a faster construction programme by reducing crane requirements. 
  • First Floor transfer slab supporting 28 storeys above.

Video courtesy of Studio Egret West

Client: Swan HousingArchitect: Studio Egret West / Stockwool Architects

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Andy Heyne
Neil Cameron