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1613 - Ashley Road


A new seven storey higher educational facility for the National College of Digital Skills.

Key Features

  • The new double height reception will sit directly over service tunnels for LUL’s Victoria Line, in addition a six storey section partially cantilevers over the tunnels with two storey high RC walls.

  •  The basement retaining walls positioned outside the LUL exclusion zone necessitate a complex shear wall arrangement throughout the building.

  •  The MUGA and second floor communal terraces will house blue roof systems to attenuate any rainwater before discharging into the public sewer.

  •  A Thames Water sewer diversion and build over agreement have been required to commence the project, as well as complex ground movement analysis to ensure limited movement to the existing tunnels and the efficient design of a piled raft.

Client: Ada, National College for Digital SkillsArchitect: Architecture00

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Andy Heyne
Carmel Lennon
Jonathan Flint