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2850 - 6-10 St Andrew Street


6-10 St Andrew Street is the substantial refurbishment of an existing 1990’s eight-storey reinforced concrete within the City of London. The proposed works include the construction of a new single storey, steel framed extension, alongside a new pavilion structure at Level 09, and the creation of additional external terrace space at Level 08.

Key Features:

  • The design proposals maximise the reuse of the existing building, with 97% of the structure being retained, including the foundations.
  • The structural design minimises embodied carbon by sourcing the steelwork elements from re-used stock instead of virgin steel elements.
  • Using HTS’s Stockmatcher tool, 82% of the new steelwork required has been matched with suitable re-used elements, avoiding 24t of new virgin steelwork needing to be procured.

Client: GPEArchitect: Barr Gazetas

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Gordon Armstrong Payne
Elliott Furminger