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1352 - 30 Mount Row


The demolition of an existing domestic property, excavation of a basement and the construction of a new mixed residential and gallery space development comprising six above ground storeys and two below ground levels.

Key Features 

  • Site is underlain by the Jubilee Line, the northbound tunnel of which passes underneath the adjacent property.
  • Complex acoustic attenuation requirements have been incorporated to mitigate the impact of ground borne noise and vibration from the nearby Jubilee Line by isolating the proposed basement using a “box in a box” principle.
  • Close coordination with the architect, acoustic consultant and waterproofing specialist to develop a bespoke basement solution to maximise the achievable area, which involves multi-stage reinforced concrete underpins around the perimeter of the site.
  • Tight site with complex construction sequencing.
  • Thorough approvals process navigated with Grosvenor Estate and neighbours with party wall interests.

Client: Summerford Limited

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Mark Tillett
Elliott Furminger