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1508-2 - 18-21 Hand Court

London Borough of Camden

The development of a new 5-storey plus basement reinforced concrete frame for commercial use, bounded on all sides by surrounding buildings and located adjacent a narrow pedestrianised thoroughfare. The works will involve carefully demolishing the existing building and extending the existing basement to maximise the footprint area with a new-build structure. A shallow sewer runs in front of the proposed building which has been considered from a construction and in-use perspective with the asset owner.

Key Features:

  • Understanding the logistics involved with demolition and construction, including working around critical sewer and party wall interfaces on all sides.
  • Architecturally exposed reinforced concrete frame with high GGBS percentages to minimise the embodied carbon of the proposed structure.
  • Reinforced concrete raft across the footprint of the site to support the new structure, omitting the requirement for a piling rig that would be difficult to install considering site access.
  • Feature prefabricated façade panels are proposed along the main elevation, with the structure carefully designed to minimise the volume of material needed whilst respecting internal and external aesthetic aspirations.
  • Development of a tunnel-header solution to facilitate new below ground drainage connections to the sewer omitting the need for new manholes at street level.

Client: SRG Holborn LimitedArchitect: Buckley Gray Yeoman

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Susan Mantle
Khizer Khan