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News: 28 October 2016

Parametric Modelling at HTS


Following the course ‘Opening the black box’ organised by Mule our 3D modelling team designed an improved workflow to enhance our modelling capabilities. Using the latest software tools, our in-house team have been developing complex geometry and parametric models, even using bespoke coding to enhance workflows and software integration.

A recent analysis project included designs for a number of options for a structurally expressive and efficient truss acting as a prop to a 14m high retaining wall. Using Grasshopper HTS were able to visually generate 3D options, with cross sectional form, number of main elements and braces easily manipulated. The developing geometry could be quickly analysed to assess its structural behaviour, which fed into the iterative refinement of the truss.

Once a final configuration had been agreed, the generated geometry from the Grasshopper data was imported into GSA for detailed structural analysis.

The final truss design was imported into Revit using an in-house created add-in which automated the drawing production. Scripted designs and software interactions allowed us to improve the efficiency of this workflow far more than using standard drafting methods.

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