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News: 16 April 2018

Nottingdale Village – Concrete Construction

Last week HTS enjoyed a site tour of Nottingdale Village, inspecting our latest new-build concrete frame buildings which will create new homes and workspaces.

The concrete specification is paramount to the architectural concept of the buildings, which feature large areas of exposed concrete. We specified the concrete mix design for the walls, columns and floor slab to ensure the correct strength and durability of the RC frame, and collaborated with architects AHMM to agree the best ratio of GGBS* within the mix to achieve the right aesthetic finish.  

The original specification for the concrete frame was 50% GGBS*, but after viewing several samples from the concrete sub-contractor, the architect opted for a 40% GGBS concrete mix.  A final reference panel of the chosen concrete mix was cast prior to commencing the superstructure frame, trialling the mix and chamfered recesses to be employed throughout the building.

Other notable concrete elements are the curved in-situ staircases in the duplex apartments of the residential building.  The stairs were constructed on site using specially made formwork by Cordek based on 3D geometry by AHMM to achieve the desired smooth underside.

Piling works for the new building commenced in April 2017, and one year on the RC frames are complete with external cladding and internal fit out now underway.


*Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag is a cement substitute, manufactured from a by-product of the iron-making industry.  The colour of the concrete is in part derived from the GGBS content – the more GGBS, the whiter the concrete.

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