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News: 29 April 2021

Mark Tillett discusses low embodied carbon design with Footprint Brighton

Alongside Ben Adams Architects, director Mark Tillett recently featured in episode four of Table Talks, an interview series hosted by Footprint Brighton. 

Footprint is an annual conference for the UK property world, bringing together local authorities, developers, investors, designers, consultants, and contractors to find economic and sustainable solutions that will shift UK planning policy, reduce our carbon footprint and accelerate action against climate change.

With a focus on the carbon in a building’s structure, Mark explored a number of ways in which to reduce the embodied energy such as designing for adaptability, sustainable materials and the use of new technologies in the industry.

‘Sustainability has always been a retrospective view-point, it’s all wrong, the work needs to be done at the outset to inform the client and the team as to what the pros and cons environmentally are of different approaches. It’s essential to have an informed and intelligent approach going forward on any project’

Watch the interview in full on the Footprint website here: Carbon in Structures, Footprint Brighton

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