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News: 8 March 2023

International Women's Day 2023


This International Women's Day, we asked people across the practice - Which female figure inspires you the most and why, following the theme of #EmbraceEquity.

We got a series of lovely responses we thought we'd share.

"My Mum - she was a computer programmer back in the sixties and seventies when it still wasn't really common for women to do that kind of scientific role - it was a great example that anyone should be able to do anything they want to do and are good at."

"I am inspired by all my beautiful female friends and family members who live internationally, speak another language, and are children of immigrants or are immigrants themselves. I always think how challenging it must be to not have English as your mother tongue and to have to think in another language and translate in your head before you even speak or write. When you pair this potential barrier with all the professions that these incredible women do (Midwives, teachers, engineers, researcher to name a few), it is very inspirational. I am super proud of them all."

"We have brilliant women in HTS - because they are genuinely excellent human beings including (but not limited to):  Suzie, Nic, Liz and Laura."

"I am inspired by my sister. She is an extraordinary woman, she is a doctor and was recently accepted into the Anaesthetics training to be an Anaesthetist, which is bloody hard. She is extremely intelligent, hardworking, wise, and moral. She inspires me to be the best version of myself and is the best big sister I could ask for. She rocks."

"I’d say at the moment I’m inspired by Jolie Brearley, founder of the charity ‘pregnant then screwed’ who is a campaigner for parental rights and speaks out against parental discrimination in the workplace. She lobbies government for change to the exorbitant childcare costs in the uk and highlights the need for change to current legislation. She works on behalf all parents, but predominantly mothers, who experience the most discrimination when choosing to start a family."

We have some brilliant women across the practice who continually shape HTS, Happy International Women's Day.


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