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News: 2 August 2021

HTS pledges support for new legislation to regulate carbon in construction

HTS has recently pledged support for an industry campaign which seeks to introduce ‘Part Z’ to the UK building regulations; a call on government to mandate assessment and reporting of whole life carbon on building projects. 

Tom Steel, HTS director says: 

“It is clear how much we need to limit embodied carbon in construction if we’re to have any chance of meeting global climate targets. The industry needs strict regulation to be capable of mitigating current carbon emissions; the introduction of a Part Z amendment to the building regulations would be a very welcome step forward”

Find out more about the campaign on the Part Z website here:

We support this campaign to introduce legislation towards mandatory reporting of carbon emissions in the built environment, along with limiting embodied carbon emissions on projects. #RegulateEmbodiedCarbon #PartZ

Find out more and show your support here. 

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