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News: 30 April 2020

HTS: NLA Net Zero Programme Champions


To launch the start of our year as NLA Net Zero Programme Champions we are undertaking a series of social media posts and digital talks to share knowledge, generate discussions and contribute to the industry's fight to achieve Net Zero by 2030.

We will be discussing the latest industry topics such as design for flexibility, soft core or coreless buildings, sustainable materials and hybrid framing options and embodied carbon tools. We will also share our findings on recent studies undertaken both internally and with leading associations and collaborators.  Later in the year we are planning a series of events as part of the NLA Net Zero programme - research study, publication and exhibition - which will focus on the re-use of existing buildings and the concept of long life loose fit.

We believe that by working together as an industry and sharing our knowledge we can all achieve our Engineers/Architects/Construction Declare objectives and meet the RIBA 2030 Challenge.


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