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News: 2 March 2017

Dynamic Vibration Testing

HTS have recently been working with the Vibration Engineering department at the University of Exeter. We have been assisting with their research into the field of footfall response of floors and modelling of human activities within the office environment.  This week a three person team, led by Dr Emma Hudson arrived in London to carry out in-situ testing in the HTS office and on one of our sites – 160 Old Street.

The team recorded the activities in our office over a period of 12 hours, CCTV cameras and accelerometers were used to track movements of staff and the energy they transfer into the structure of the building. This data will be used to develop the understanding of how people use office spaces and allow better control over areas which are more susceptible to higher traffic.

The modal testing at 160 Old Street was carried out overnight, to avoid the data collection being compromised by construction activities. A series of accelerometers spread across the floorplate allowed the team to measure the natural frequency and the response factor of the bare frame. The testing was carried out before any of the cladding, services or finishes were installed. Following the next round of testing we will be able to assess exactly how much damping these elements offer, which will have an application to our future designs.

The initial test results on both sites showed very promising results. A case study will be published shortly summarising the findings. 

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