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Written 11th January 2022

Reuse of Structural Steel, an HTS+ Innovation and Research Initiative

Naturally strong, robust and infinitely recyclable, steel is often a preferred material choice for buildings across the globe. While typically recycled and reformed at the end of its design life, the process of producing steel remains extremely carbon intensive; a more sustainable way of repurposing steel, is to reuse it.

As part of our research and innovation programme, we have been developing designs to reuse structural steel and accurately measure the associated carbon savings over the lifetime of a project. Working with Grosvenor, we are applying our research to help maximise steel reuse across their portfolio, with our first project – Holbein Gardens – currently on site.

Hear from HTS director Tom Steel and associate Ella Warren alongside Grosvenor’s Steve Gilchrist and Cleveland Steel's Roy Fishwick in our short film as they explore the pioneering work undertaken at Holbein Gardens and the sustainable benefits and opportunities associated with reusing structural steel.⁣⁣