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Written 20th January 2021

Meet the Timber Focus Group

Our recently-launched Timber Focus Group brings together the collective knowledge and expertise of individuals from across the practice. Members include graduate engineers, senior staff, marketing representatives, technical researchers and founding directors; each play a unique role in our ongoing innovation and development in engineered timber design.

Our group is led by founding director Andy Heyne alongside senior engineer Gustaf Granstrom-Steer and senior technical research engineer Laura Batty.

Andy Heyne, founding director

Founding director Andy has over 25 years’ experience as a London-based structural engineer, working on a diverse range of projects with the UK’s leading architects and clients. Andy has completed dozens of buildings using engineered timber over the past 15 years and has extensive knowledge of DfMa principles. He strongly believes in extensive reforestation and use of timber as a primary structural material as a means to slow climate change. 

Gustaf Granstrom-Steer, senior engineer

Gustaf is a specialist in the field of engineered timber having worked with the material for over half a decade and he is particularly enthusiastic about its sustainable potential. He promotes its widespread use within the industry and has worked on timber designs for schools, offices, private houses and tall residential buildings. Gustaf also worked on the first modular CLT building from a UK factory, spending half of his time in the factory and supporting the development of efficient fabrication processes. He is currently developing designs for a number of the practice’s high-profile timber frame projects.

Laura Batty, senior technical research engineer

Laura leads the research, testing and development of new structural techniques and technologies at HTS, with a primary focus on sustainability. Laura is the practice's first full time researcher, she oversees our HTS + programme and disseminates information across the practice. She is a chartered structural engineer, and prior to her current role was the project engineer on a range of projects in London, the USA and Nepal. Laura is committed to developing and strengthening knowledge to address the critical issues in our industry and bring about positive change within the built environment.

The Timber Focus Group will play a key role in collating and communicating our technical insights and innovation in timber construction through a programme of research, events and thought leadership.

If you would like to contact our team to discuss a potential project or piece of research, please email us at: