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Some news from 16 Chart Street…

After many years of collaboration, we’re excited to announce we have KLH Sustainability sharing our office space in London. It is brilliant to have Kirsten and her team working closely with our Engineers and in-house HTS+ research and innovations team. Sharing the open-plan office space enables organic cross collaboration and discussion between our practices.

A little about KLH Sustainability:

The team at KLH Sustainability combines engineers, architects, and social scientists to realise innovative new ways of creating, constructing, and living. Unlike other consultants, they apply their knowledge to all stages of design, from inception to construction. Their services include but are not limited to sustainability strategies, technical analysis, research, and collaborating with architects, engineers, and contractors to deliver sustainable buildings and communities.
KLH have reviewed HTS’s internal sustainability guidance and work closely with our HTS+ team. They undertake monthly project reviews providing project specific advice ranging from encouraging biodiversity and measuring operational performance, to giving a wider understanding of how the structure sits within a broader sustainable context.

We have successfully collaborated on many projects, including the space we both share at 16 Chart Street, where KLH have provided a whole life carbon assessment of the building and are continuously monitoring its energy use. KLH have also advised on the circular economy opportunities of an existing five-storey concrete frame office building in the city of London, working closely with our engineers to find the best solution to a complex question.

Kirsten Henson, Founding Director at KLH Sustainability: “Moving in with our friends at HTS was an obvious choice for us; we’ve been working with them for a few years, and we know they embody similar values to KLH. As structural engineers play a critical role in the transition to a sustainable built environment, this opportunity to share knowledge both formally and informally is a welcome one!”

Tom Steel, Founding Director at HTS: "Great to have KLH in amongst us at 16 Chart Street. We learn so much from them and they give us that alternative perspective that challenges us as engineers. Welcome."

Laura Batty, Associate and Research and Innovation Engineer at HTS:  “We really value our relationship with the team at KLH, they are a knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate bunch! From in-depth project reviews to quick questions, the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills they have is impressive and has helped us learn much more about wider sustainability topics affecting the industry”