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The project involves creating a new double storey basement under two existing houses, covering the majority of site in RBKC, with each floor being circa 10,000sq ft.

The main house is six storeys constructed c. 1850, has been extensively refurbished, with new column free internal structure throughout,t behind a retained facade. A new six storey cantilever stone staircase will be introduced linking all the new floors, together with a new lift. The subsidiary three storey house, constructed c.1990 will be part demolished and rebuilt to incorporate larger living areas with larger openings externally to the garden.

The new basement structure comprises a combination of reinforced concrete underpinning and contiguous piled retaining wall with a concrete liner wall in front. The basement slab will incorporate a central line of tension piles below used to resist upward force from ground water and heave.

Completed photograph: Formation Architects.

Client: PrivateArchitect: Formation Architects

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Andy Heyne
Najib Sheeka