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We like to draw and appreciate the power of a good drawing. Whether these are hand sketches or 3D models, producing drawings of a high quality is one of the fundamentals of the practice.

Since we started the practice in 2007 we have modelled all our projects in 3D using Autodesk Revit Structure. These models are used as a tool for coordination with other consultants but also as basic illustrations of our work and our structural proposals to clients, architects and contractors. Technical drawings are cut in 2D from 3D models of buildings that are built early in the design process. Details are added quickly to these models with information gathered during intense periods of research and as the building evolves during the design process.

Where others are new to Revit, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the technology within our discipline. We are manipulating and adding to the programme, with our approach to 3D rendering and modelling evolving every day, particularly as we work more frequently in a BIM environment.

The directors are all keen sketchers and promote good hand drawings to be used as much as possible. Engineers are encouraged to draw by hand and are trained and motivated to practice freehand techniques that enable them to sketch design ideas and structural concepts quickly.