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Our aspiration is to remain at the forefront of structural analysis and technical excellence. The wide variety of different types of projects we design at Heyne Tillett Steel demands a flexible and thorough approach to analysis, and an ability to tailor our solution to the individual demands of each specific project.

The starting point for all our design is an understanding of the basic constraints on the structure along with the architects' and clients' vision for the building. This is considered hand in hand with the driving issues of the project generally, the proposed site and the way in which it will be built.

Whether the structural analysis takes the form of hand calculations or 3D finite element analysis, once an initial concept for the structure is agreed we are committed to ensuring we fully understand its behaviour as a whole and of each of the elements within. We do this by selecting from a wide variety of techniques and programmes available to us in the studio. From a simple beam calculation to a finite element analysis of a concrete slab, a geometrically complex curved frame or a detailed footfall analysis. We have the appropriate tools to ensure good design.

We draw all the projects in the office in 3D Revit and are able to make use of this through the analysis process, linking our Revit models into the analysis models and vice versa, enabling us to create design models of small areas or whole buildings directly from our drawings.